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The Key to a Healthy Body Through Nutrition

One of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned over the past 25 years of holistic practice is the significance and importance of balance in all arenas of health. The balancing of protocols is of optimum importance in maximizing our success and efficiency in treating the whole person.Most of us have heard about “balanced nutrition” all of our lives; if we eat sensibly from the different food groups listed in the food pyramid, we should experience the benefits of that discipline. But, as we all know, the food pyramid changes from time to time. What my parents’ generation thought of as a balanced meal would not meet the approval of at least half of today’s nutritionists.I now know the proper nutritional program that helps me perform optimally. However, I also know that as vital and imperative as a healthy nutritional program is, that it is only a component of wholeness. As alternative practitioners, we should aim to balance nutrition, along with other alternative adjunct modalities, to maximize optimal health. A properly balanced protocol of synergistic procedures addressing the whole person perspective will provided the most therapeutically empowering approach!In the 21st century, we are finding our patients to be more receptive to alternative forms of healthcare. In this affirmative environment, w hat will separate the general alternative practitioners from the most successful ones is the application of more effective and efficient protocols. These practitioners will be able to get the fastest, most effective, and cost efficient results!In our ambition to balance adjuncts, we must evaluate the weight of each component. Nutrition, for example, is largely a supportive therapy, and we must be careful to afford this highly effective modality the proper environment in which to perform optimally.As we increase our efforts in nutrition, without the balance of other protocols, we can sometimes end up over-prescribing and giving our patients more pills than they can swallow. Patient compliance and confidence can frequently fall off in the nutritional treatment program and referral potential.Nutrition must be applied in its most efficacious role for both the patient and the doctor. Chiropractic and h omeopathy offer a deeper -acting therapy to better address the roots of disease. While nutrition works primarily on a biochemical level, homeopathy works bioenergetically, to correct nerve interferences throughout the whole nervous system where the hands of the chiropractor cannot reach. I have found nutrition and herbs to be more supportive in their therapeutic effects, while chiropractic and homeopathy are more curative.When the energetic control systems of the body (like the nervous system) work properly, everything else we do–including balancing body chemistry with supplementation–works better. Every chemical within our body has a very specific charge to respond and do what it is told by the energetic control system. When the total control systems of our body function properly, the nutritional and herbal supplements will work much better. Conversely, when the control systems of our body are not working properly, nutritional supplements cannot achieve their maximized effect.Homeopathy, like chiropractic, works at the highest levels in the hierarchy of our health to maintain homeostasis. The marriage of chiropractic and homeopathy empowers the chiropractor to more successfully work with the whole nervous system to better fulfill the high call of chiropractic. Homeopathy allows additional therapies, like nutrition, the opportunity to maximize their potential and is essential to completing chiropractic destiny. Without it, chiropractic can never realize its full potential.Many sincere and searching chiropractors have turned to complex, time -consuming procedures to help the chronic majority in our society. These labor-intensive procedures are wonderful tools. However, these great tools can leave the doctor burned out and unable to significantly reach a sick and suffering society with the greatest good.So many of our patients are affected by some so-called incurable problem or recurring health issue irresolvable with nutrition, traditional medicine, or even chiropractic alone. They are open to and hungry for someone to come along with an answer to their impasse. Lack of wellness has been robbing people of their quality of life for too long, and they are seeking a doctor willing to step up to try to help them.Homeopathy assists us chiropractors in addressing the myriad of patient complaints more effectively and efficiently. In working with those who might have lost hope or been tempted to acquiesce to their condition, it particularly makes far more sense to use the faster acting, more streamlined procedures first and save the protracted, labor-intensive procedures for only when they are needed. Prioritization of these procedures empowers the chiropractor to be of the greatest value to society.Through its proving, the over 200 year-old science of homeopathy offers chiropractic the detailed compilation of neuro-sensory reflex responses with the elements of our environment. Thus, homeopathy better equip s us to attend to the whole nervous system. Homeopathy is potentized with serial dilutions and successions beyond the molecular level affecting correction at the higher levels of our bioenergetic controls. In short, we beneficially influence not just the chemical realm, but the whole person with homeopathy.Together, homeopathy and chiropractic empower the chiropractor to better balance the whole nervous system. With the application of both of these modalities to clear nerve interferences throughout our entire control system, everything we do to enhance our patients’ health works better: application of nutrition, herbs, diet, exercise, etc. We will commonly even see improvement in the ability to think and believe more positively.It is common to observe the correction of recurring subluxation patterns using homeopathy indicating its deeper, curative effect(s). In fact, homeopathy works so deeply, even inherited health problems and weaknesses can be corrected. Homeopathic miasm remedies are available that have been clinically proven to correct inherited weaknesses in individuals today that have been passed down through thousands of years in their family tree.With homeopathy as our primary adjunct to chiropractic, we have more efficiently been able to help more people faster with fewer visits and less money spent. Subsequently, this approach has led to greater patient satisfaction, which generates a higher number of referrals and committed, lifetime patients. The more competently and effectively we can help people, the more successful and fulfilled we will become as practitioners.Our society is plagued with chronic, recurring health problems. The doctor, who is able to help the majority of these people in less time and less financial outlay, has all the ingredients for a super successful practice. Nutrition and herbs are great therapies; they are essential to a wellness practice. However, using chiropractic and homeopathy as our primary tools, our natural programs are no longer limited to the biochemical realm, and we are better equipped to correct problems at the highest levels in the hierarchy of health. Instead, we can now treat the whole person, both biochemically and bioenergetically, eliminating the need to force results by over-treating patients within the limitations of one or two modalities excessively or exclusively. By treating the whole person, we will become more efficient and proficient practitioners. This is what spells success in a fast-growing and competitive natural healthcare market.In my experience of 25 years as a holistic-style practitioner, I credit homeopathy and chiropractic first and foremost for the most effective resolution of so many health problems. Whether you just want to improve your effectiveness as a musculoskeletal practitioner, or move more successfully into a full-fledged eclectic style practice, homeopathy holds an essential power position for the chiropractor wanting to maximize results!Enjoy the journey!